How is your Digital Health?

How social media can help build your brand

Social media is ingrained in our daily lives and without a consistent and meaningful presence your business is missing out on opportunities to build and grow your brand. Even if social media is something you haven’t used before, or don’t use much, it doesn’t have to be something that takes up a lot of your time and resources. 

Of course you can utilize different platforms for selling or advertising purposes, but an often underappreciated use is interesting with your customers and potential customers. You might not be on social media much, but your customers certainly are. 

Content on social media doesn’t have to just be about goods and services. It works best when it allows you to showcase your business and give a glimpse into the people behind it. Especially with the surge of shop local movements, letting your customers know you and the people you work with are their friends and neighbors, it helps form a connection between you and your customers. 

Some content that can help form that bond includes messages about local sporting teams, well wishes for anyone local competing, any charitable activities your business is supporting, etc. All of these and more are great ways to connect with your customers beyond the surface level of business and customer. As you interact with customers and take their feedback into consideration, you’ll not only be building your brand as a fun and interactive business but you’ll also be growing a customer base that feels loyal to you for the personalized interactions on social media. 

It’s also a great way to share quick updates relating to sudden changes in operations. During the winter weather months it is especially helpful to share any updates quickly impacting your business. Power outages, travel advisories, or other things that you may want to warn your customers about will stick out to customers and show you care about them, not just their money. With consistent and meaningful content shared to your social media, you’ll grow your audience but also deepen your relationships with customers. 

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