How is your Digital Health?

You’re probably already using a variety of online marketing tactics to drive traffic to your business. As discussed in previous blogs, display ads are a great option at a low price point. If you’re looking for the next step to boost your digital advertising and enhance your local presence, then paid search could be right for you.

Paid search ads are the sponsored ads you see listed at the top of a results page on a search engine. Usually denoted with a “sponsored” or “ad” note at the top of the text, these are text-based and include a line or two about the business or product and a link to click to take a searcher to the business landing page. 

Where you and your business can get a boost is when someone searches for something close to them. “Coffee shops near me” or “buy golf balls near me” and so on. Those key phrases that indicate someone is looking for a business or product within their local area will help your ads display in their search results if you’re utilizing local search advertising options. 

By utilizing these ads, you can benefit from an increase in traffic from customers who are already in your area. They may have a favorite business already but if they don’t want to travel too far or want something closer and quicker, then seeing your ad may be all they need to try a new business. 

Adding paid search into your digital advertising strategy will help round out your tactics and provide you with a local edge. To easily include paid search, reach out to MDA to see how you can best position yourself and what options are best for you.

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