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‘Tis the season…for last minute shopping

And whether you’re eagerly awaiting the snow to fall or grumbling at the prospect of tinsel tangles, your business stands to benefit from last minute holiday shoppers. Keeping track of store hours and closings is already difficult enough around the holidays. Add in the additional complicating factor of short-staffed locations that need to close early due to staffing problems, the setting is right for disgruntled and frustrated holiday shoppers. 

While other businesses may rely on signs posted on doors to announce modified hours, it doesn’t save a shopper the gas and time of traveling only to find the lights off and the doors locked. Where other businesses are falling short to communicate critical information to potential customers, step up and highlight your business as the most up to date, offering correct hours so as to avoid people showing up to your location and finding the doors locked.

With Local SEO you can manage online business listings for your business easily across multiple locations. Maybe one location has to close early due to staff, but your other location is able to offer extended hours. Update your holiday hours as quickly and punctually as possible to save shoppers frustration and demonstrate your reliability in communicating changes. 

Take it a step further and use Local SEO to keep special seasonal promotions updated. If you have a limited time sale, or limited stock of a popular item, be sure to make timely updates to your locations pages. Create reliable, up-to-date pages that shoppers know they can trust and you’ll build yourself a loyal holiday crowd. 

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