How is your Digital Health?

Things to consider when deciding which platform to invest in

Just like you wouldn’t want to offer a product that didn’t fit with your brand, you wouldn’t want to invest in a social media channel that doesn’t make sense for your business. You want to be sure the platform you’re investing your time and possibly money into is going to be the best option available to you. 

Some things to consider as you investigate your options are the type of content you’d be most likely to share on social media. Will it be text based or image heavy or do you have a resource within your company to help produce video content? Think about the purpose of the content you’ll be sharing as well. Are you going to be aiming to inform your audience of new products and specials or are you going to work on educating your audience about best practices and industry trends? And finally consider the general demographic of who you hope to reach and interact with through social media. Different platforms have different user profiles than others. 

Which channel is best for you

If your business produces a lot of picture-worthy products, then you might want to consider starting with Instagram. Image-based with caption, this platform is great for bakeries, hair salons and spas, tattoo artists, and florists. If you take pride in the presentation of your food at a restaurant, Instagram posts of chef’s specials will be sure to catch the eye of your audience. 

If you envision posting short, quick updates on product availability, events, and don’t have a keen eye for taking pictures, Twitter might be a good start. You can of course post images on Twitter, but it is less known for them than other platforms. This might be a good option for you if you are newer to social media, or only have a short amount of time to dedicate to social media, Twitter is meant to be used in quick, snappy ways. If you have events like an arts and crafts space or an ice rink, or shifting availability like a lawn care service, consider Twitter. 

To build up your brand as a source of knowledge and expertise, LinkedIn is a good fit for you. Largely based around professional networking and skill building, LinkedIn is where many go to learn of trends in industries they are a part of or are interested in. Sharing industry knowledge through LinkedIn might be a good fit for tax professionals, freelancers, or consultants. 

As a good fallback, Facebook is a good general social media platform that reaches a broad audience and is easy and intuitive to use. Younger audiences are on this platform less, but it is still widely used by many. If you’re unsure of where to start, or where you might do best, consider starting on Facebook. Posts can be text-based or image based, you can conduct polls easily, and it is easier to share links here than on Instagram. 

There are many other social media platforms out there, including the video-heavy TikTok, and this is only meant to give you some inspiration of where to start. Starting somewhere is better than remaining off social media entirely and missing out on a key way to interact with current customers and attract new ones. 

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