How is your Digital Health?

Do great work

This one might seem like it has to go without saying, but the best way to generate new reviews is to do great work. When customers get a product or service that meets all their expectations, they are excited to share it with others and hope their review will help someone else down the road. Average service doesn’t usually generate many reviews, so aim for great work and customers will happily share their positive experiences.

 Always ask

Some customers just don’t think about leaving reviews, so sometimes a little prompting is needed. Ask for a review while they’re still in the store, as soon as the transaction is complete. Have a small display near the register with the ask, and have a small handout like a business card or small flyer to get them to take for a reminder once they leave. You can also send personalized requests after they’ve wrapped up business with you if you’ve gathered their email or phone numbers. Train your staff to always ask and you’ll be getting a steady stream of reviews in no time. 

Use social media to boost visibility

If you received a particularly glowing review, share it across your social media channels. Anyone following or interacting with your brand will see it, and it will stick out in their minds. Much like everyone doesn’t actively think to leave reviews, not everything thinks to actively seek them out to research a business. Not only will it give you quick and easy content to share, it’ll get in front of prospective customers who might not otherwise have gone looking for your reviews. 

Have a strategy or partner to help you generate reviews and use them to your benefit

Finding a partner like MDA that can help you not only continue your review generation but also use those reviews to improve your online visibility is key. MDA can provide strategic guidance and use those reviews you work so hard to gather to make your business stand out online. 

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